SEO Copywriting

:/ words for your website

SEO, web or online copywriting – whatever you call it, it’s just a way of writing for your website that gives you the best chance of ranking well in the search engines without having to pay for the privilege.

From website copy to blog posts to landing pages, I can plan an effective content strategy and write words that help customers find you more easily and then guide them to take the action you want.

Social Media Services

:/ words & content for your channels

If you know you need to up your social media game but don’t have the time or the inspiration, I can help. My services cover social media strategy, content production and done-for-you social media management.

For the last 5 years, I’ve worked with brands large and small, local and global, to produce engaging content (captions, images and video) that builds connections with customers and nurtures them to buy from you.

Email Marketing

:/ words for your list

How we plan your email marketing depends on what you do, but there’s no doubt your email list gives us huge scope to nurture and engage with customers at all stages of the buying cycle.

From onboarding sequences to promotional emails; abandoned carts to restock and repeat purchase emails, I can create a strong, personalised email strategy that helps you reach, connect with and convert your audience.

Brand Message Brainstorm

:/ nail your words

Stuck on how to communicate your message in the first place? This is for you. We’ll begin with a brainstorm power session designed to pin down exactly what you’re offering, who you’re offering it to and why you’re different from the rest.

Then I work with you to nail a consistent and compelling message designed to connect with your audience and give clarity across all your content.

(And btw, that’s clarity for you too – you’ll be amazed how much easier it is to craft those social captions and draft those blogs with a great content plan to guide you.)