Copy & Content for your website, social media and email marketing.

Images and video might stop the scroll, but it’s your words that seal the deal. Online and on social, you need to explain – clearly, quickly and convincingly – what your product or service is and why people need it in their lives.

Don’t struggle alone to find the right words to convince customers you’re the one.

We can tell them together.

I write digital copy and content that gives clarity to your message, gets you noticed and explains exactly how fantastic/cool/clever/stress-free and/or smug you make your customers feel.

From a full website to regular blogs; captions and content for your social media to email marketing – wherever you show up online, let’s tell your customers why you’re the one for them.

"A woman with all the right words... you're a huge part of this - couldn't manage without you."


You know what sets you apart. It’s my job to help you make sure everyone else does too.  

I’ll work with you to structure and shape a clear narrative, joining all the dots, loose threads and tangents of your story.   

We’ll explain exactly why your customers need your product or service in their lives. 

Afterwards, you’ll have one complete and irresistible message that you can use across all your communications.


SEO Copywriting

:/ words for your website

Just like a bricks and mortar shopfront, your online business needs footfall.

From SEO-optimised copywriting for your overall website to blog posts; meta descriptions to landing pages, I’ll write words that help customers find you more easily in search, then guide them to take the action you want.

Social Media Services

:/ words & content for your channels

If you know you need to up your social media game but don’t have the time – or the inspiration – I can help.

My services cover social media strategy, content production and done-for-you social media management. All are focused on building trust and engagement with your audience, and encouraging them to make an investment in your brand.

Email Marketing

:/ words for your list

How we plan your email marketing depends on what you offer, but there’s no doubt your email list offers huge scope to nurture and engage with your customers at all stages of the buying cycle.

I’ll work with you to create a personalised email marketing strategy that helps you reach, connect with and convert your audience.

Brand Message Brainstorm

:/ nail your words

Stuck on how to communicate your message in the first place? This is for you. We begin with a brainstorm power session designed to pin down what you’re offering, who you’re offering it to and why you’re different from all the rest.

Then I work with you to nail a consistent and compelling message that resonates with your audience and brings clarity to your content.

(And btw, that’s clarity for you too. You’ll be amazed how much easier it is to craft those social captions and draft those blogs with a great message to guide you.)

Case Studies

"It makes my life so much easier to just sit back and watch these great posts appear... it's like "wow, she gets it. She gets the brief and what I'm about, she gets what we're doing with this brand..."