It’s nice to meet you. My name is Lucie Gill and I’m the founder of Copydots :/

Here I am, in a picture I’ve been meaning to replace for ages where I’m looking away from the camera for some reason.


I’ve been writing copy for businesses for around 20 years now.

I’ve written for all types of companies and for all kinds of purposes – corporate and comms copy, editorial and advertorial; print, publications, social media, email and websites.

These days, I specialise in writing copy for digital use – which just means it works for people and algorithms alike.





  • A pitch that helped secure substantial venture capital funding.
  • A website that helped secure sizeable SEIS investment.
  • A blog post that scored national broadsheet interest for an emerging brand.
  • Email open rates consistently double the Industry average for financial services.
  • A series of PPC ads that cut CPC in half – within 30 days.
  • Instagram posts that outperformed previous engagement levels by 500%+.

I work with businesses and agencies of all shapes and sizes – from those ambitious for growth to established luxury brands with a global audience.

I’d love to see how I can help you too.